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  Team Name Team Owner Organization Members Created On
The Salt Squad Shais
2 06-11-16


Name Game Role Type Participants Created On Progress
Marvel vs Capcom Infinte FreePlay SD Tourney Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Organizer DE 16 10-11-17
The Salt Squad Presents: PiNaCle (EU) Brawlhalla Admin Groups → DE 40 06-26-16
Friday Night Brawl #1 (hosted by Brawl League) Brawlhalla Participant DE 89 06-14-16
Gravy Cancel EU 06/16/16 Brawlhalla Participant DE 81 06-14-16
Gravy Cancel EU 06/11/16 Brawlhalla Participant DE 109 06-08-16